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Why Choose Digicall?

8 reasons to choose Digicall :


30 years of experience


Customized solutions - modifiable at all times


Quality of service monitored on a daily basis


Professional staff - at all levels


Continuous training & coaching of agents


Dedicated customer care team




State-of-the-art technology (telephony, IT infrastructure and CRM software)

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Business Process Outsourcing


A growing number of companies are outsourcing their « non-core » activities - whether it be IT or HR functions.

One of the key functions in almost all businesses is «customer interaction management».

This ensures that every contact whether with existing or potential customers is successfully concluded.

Information relating to the customer can be entered into a CRM database (e.g. Synthesys or Salesforce) thus allowing the agent to update and/or modify the data.

Value-Added Services

Customers may be allocated dedicated lines / numbers for different departments or internal services.

For each number, the customer will decide upon:

  • Type of Greeting
  • Languages (F, D, I or E) - Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Chinese will be available from 1st July 2016
  • Hours of service (on each individual number)
  • Call back procedures
  • Emergency procedures
  • Dedicated and / or non-dedicated agents

Types of services

The range of services include:

  • Switchboard services
    (may replace or be complementary to existing switchboard operator)
  • Subscription Management
    (including creation and maintenance of customer databases)
  • Insurance Services
    (database management as well as follow-up of sales leads and proposals)
  • Credit Card database management and similar services (lost / stolen cards, credit limits)
  • Ticketing management
  • Car Hire Services
  • Tele-Banking

Typical users

  • Our BPO customers include both medium-sized and large companies
  • Magazines (management of trial periods)
  • Insurance Companies
  • Credit Card Issuers
  • Car Hire Companies
  • Ticketing Companies (Concerts, Theatres, Travel)


All BPO customers receive detailed, customised management reports at the end of every month. Reports will include graphical displays showing data for the current month, trends and moving averages.

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