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Monitoring - Systems & Installations


When systems fail – whether it be servers, switches or other components within an IT infrastructure – it is important that the technical support personnel be alerted as soon as possible.

Digicall has developed a service known as « POP WATCH » whereby an incoming email or sms generated by a server (for example) is identified and converted to an alert in the call center.

The alert is a «screen-pop» which contains data relating to the problem and, importantly the action required. This usually involves sending an alert (e.g. an sms) to the person on duty. In the absence of andequate response within a defined period, the agent will follow a pre-determined procedure.

Types of systems & installations

The types of systems & installations which can be monitored is virtually unlimited and includes:

  • IT systems (servers, switches, power supplies, etc.).
  • Parking Lots (open and closing of barriers).
  • Lift installations (include dialogue with passengers).
  • Heating and ventilation systems.
  • Environmental monitoring systems (temperature, humidity).

Value-Added Services

  • Popwatch is able to monitor single or multiple systems and installations.
  • Agents will ensure rapid action and follow a pre-defined script.
  • Rotas of engineers / technicians on duty can be modified at will.
  • Agents can « interact » directly with the installation.
    (e.g. : opening of a parking barrier or dialogue with a person blocked in a lift.)

Typical users

Users of the monitoring services include:

  • IT support companies
  • Lift companies
  • Heating and ventilation companies
  • Banks
  • Large refrigeration units


Customised monthly reports are prepared for each installation. Reports include details of alerts including date/time, as well as action taken.

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