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Why Choose Digicall?

8 reasons to choose Digicall :


30 years of experience


Customized solutions - modifiable at all times


Quality of service monitored on a daily basis


Professional staff - at all levels


Continuous training & coaching of agents


Dedicated customer care team




State-of-the-art technology (telephony, IT infrastructure and CRM software)

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Web Chat


Your company’s website is your window to the world. Both potential and existing customers interested in a given product or service will inevitably have questions.

A webchat application on your site will enable visitors to ask questions and receive answers in real time.

Studies have shown that a webchat button on your site can multiply online sales by a factor of 2 to 3.

Value-Added Services

When a visitor to your website clicks the chat button, a window is immediately opened allowing the visitor to chat with an agent in the contact center trained to answer all FAQs relating to your products and services.

It has been shown that up to 90% of visitors to an e-commerce site abandon the shopping cart just prior to order confirmation. This is often due to uncertainty relating to guarantees, credit card security and / or delivery schedules. A chat button will substantially reduce this figure.

Range of services

  • The webchat application can be customised (format, colour, text, etc.)
  • Webchat is language-based, i.e. chats on the French version of your site will be in French etc.
  • Language options are F, D, I and E
  • Content of the web chat may be forwarded at the end of each session and/or day.
  • Content / Fields within the webchat «field» are fully customisable.


At the end of every month customers will receive full statistics on chat sessions held during the month.

This includes:

  • Number of chats
  • Total «chat time»

Typical users

A webchat application will add value to any website requiring users to sign up for service.


Price of the Web Chat Service is as follows:


Installation & Configuration

CHF 160.- / hour



Monthly Monitoring

CHF 89.-



Variable costs

C1 : Chat Handling Time

CHF 2.20 / minute



Training (1-2h)

D1 : Training document

CHF 135.- (3)

D2 : Agent training

CHF 75.- / hour


(1) Once-only cost

(2) Payable monthly in advance

(3) Hourly cost

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