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Provide the highest quality of service available on the Swiss market.


Offer services that no other competitor in the swiss market can offer.


Match any competitor on price (for comparable services).

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Why Choose Digicall?

8 reasons to choose Digicall :


30 years of experience


Customized solutions - modifiable at all times


Quality of service monitored on a daily basis


Professional staff - at all levels


Continuous training & coaching of agents


Dedicated customer care team




State-of-the-art technology (telephony, IT infrastructure and CRM software)

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Unique Features

Scripting Software

Synthesys is a unique CRM and scripting tool which has been improved and refined over the past 7 years.

Each client has a unique « script » which is set-up prior to commencement of service and is a « road map » for the agents.

CRM Database

The CRM database is a great productivity tool.

Using CLI (Calling Line Indentification), the customer’s details (name, contact info and special instructions for example) will appear as a ‘pop-up’. This avoids errors, saves time and allows a fully customised service.

Calling Line Identification (CLI)

CLI allows the caller to your company to be identified by the agent. Several number can be allocated to the same file (e.g. office as well as mobile numbers).

The agent will of course use the normal greeting (e.g. ABC Heating SA) but will be presented with the caller’s file e.g contact name, company, address, telephone numbers and so on.

Message Confirmation

For emergency and/or breakdown companies, urgent messages sent to mobile phones require the recipient to confirm receipt of the message.

If the person on duty fails to confirm receipt of a message (by sending a simple code via his/her mobile phone) within a defined timescale (e.g. 3 minutes) the agent will follow predefined procedures put in place.


On occasions, all our agents will be busy. In such circumstances and after approximately 10 seconds, the caller will be presented with the „callback“ option. Within 5-10 minutes, the agent will return the call on behalf of your company. ("Good Morning Mr. Smith, this is ABC supplies. Sorry we missed your call. How can I help you ?")

Web Agenda

The “Web Agenda“ is a diary service will allows doctors, dentists, veterinary surgeons and so on to focus on their patients while ensuring that callers are greeted professionally and appointments are fixed.

The web agenda can be configured to the needs of the medic or paramedic (e.g. duration of appointments) and is accessible at all times via the web.

Web Chat

Both existing and potential clients will have questions. A web chat application on your site will allow customers to pose FAQ’s and to receive answers. This is a proven way of boosting the performance of any website.

Secure Credit Card Transactions

Very often customer will want to talk to someone before placing an order. Our agents can give relevant information on a given product or service prior to taking the order.

Transactions may be via a clients “website” or entered onto a pre-prepared webform.

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